It’s that time of year again – take a quick glance down the health and safety training tracker and you’ll see that everyone on the shop floor’s certificate has expired. All at once. Has that been 3 years already? How much is it going to cost to get everyone back up to scratch?

Financial director Richard thinks he can get around it. Why bother splashing out on external courses? “I’ll just do in-house training myself,” he says to Greg, the shop floor manager. Greg grimaces. Richard doesn’t know nearly enough to teach any IOSH course syllabus. This will be interesting.

Richard thinks that the IOSH fees are an unnecessary expense for something he can do just as well internally. Since Richard is not a trained health and safety provider, Richard is could be in for a shock.

As the largest health and safety membership organisation around, IOSH sets industry standards when it comes to providing health and safety awards and qualifications. IOSH provides members with news, guidance and access to exclusive networking opportunities in the health and safety industry.

Many companies have reservations when it comes to the cost of IOSH training (just like Richard…), fearing that the initial outlay will not reap long-term benefits. In this article, we’re going to take a look at IOSH fees for some major courses, and show you just why this fee will benefit your team in the long-term. Put that homemade safety training Powerpoint away!

iosh fees

What does IOSH cover?

Richard is good at his job. He’s good at managing money, drawing up budgets, and balancing the books. But he doesn’t know his tubular from his triangular bandage. He really can’t construct a comprehensive health and safety course that meets the needs of every rung on the employee ladder.

IOSH have already done all the hard work. IOSH offer many types of training at a variety of levels and price points. 

Essentially, the organisation’s courses can be divided into five separate sections:

  • Core Skills
  • Management Education
  • Executive Education
  • Professional Development
  • Tailored Training Courses

IOSH have worked tirelessly to create watertight training courses and the IOSH fees stand as an investment in sound health and safety knowledge.

Let’s take a deeper look at each IOSH training section and, of course, their respective fees.

iosh working safely course

Core Skills

This is the most fundamental aspect of IOSH training, showing all workers how to perform their jobs in a safe and healthy manner. As these are the most general courses, the IOSH course prices tends to be at the lower end of the scale.

With Grow Training, the IOSH Working Safely course price costs £130 per person for one day.

This £130 sets your employees up for success for identifying and dealing with risks in the workplace. The course is all laid out in plain English and trainers are well-versed in keeping engagement levels high. Nobody will be nodding off as you flick to slide 77 on your makeshift Powerpoint…

Investing in your employees’ health and safety training will benefit your business as a whole. 

Your employees will understand the importance of upholding a strong health and safety work culture, leading to fewer mistakes being made on shift, fewer injuries and fewer sick days. All of this means your business will see a boost in productivity. And all for £130 and one day away from the shop floor? Where’s the sign up portal?

The benefits of paying for this quick course are multiple and permanent, providing participants with lifelong skills in health and safety in the workplace.

IOSH fees are investment for fewer injuries

Management Education

This section of IOSH training courses is aimed at showing managers how to perform their job safely in the workplace and to ensure that those under them are in tip top condition too.

The main course in this category is IOSH Managing Safely (plus the refresher version for those needing kept on their toes). The 3-day course is £395 with Grow Training and the 1-day refresher course is £195, needing carried out every 3 years.

Order comes from above and if the management team are clueless when it comes to keeping the workplace risk-free, then it will negatively affect everyone below. 

Participating in an IOSH course is an effective use of the management team’s time – Richard won’t have to go away and study Google for hour upon hour to get to grips with everything he needs to know (and even then he may not even make a dent in it) This is a waste of company time and money. Instead, he can simply go on the course and come away brimming with knowledge.

IOSH fees means managers can make effective use of their time

Executive Education

IOSH have developed tailor-made courses designed to provide directors, owners and senior executives with an understanding of the moral, legal and business case for proactive health and safety management, and to give guidance on effective risk management.

The two fundamental courses in this category are the IOSH Safety for Senior Executives course and the IOSH Directing Safely course. These one-day courses cost approximately £189 and £210 respectively.

It might seem like a pricey sum to invest in health and safety training, especially when some of these execs will rarely set foot on the shop floor, but they are really valuable training programmes. 

When those at the top of the hierarchy are clued up on the financial, moral, and reputation implications of fostering a strong health and safety work culture, there is more impetus to put in place structures to prevent accidents, planning for future success

IOSH fees benefits directors when creating health and safety strategy

Professional Development

IOSH professional development courses give managers and supervisors invaluable real-world knowledge and skills to propel them even deeper into managing health and safety in business contexts.

The IOSH Safety and Health for Business course is a chunkier course than some of the others. Successful delegates become eligible for IOSH membership through this course, making them extremely valuable assets to their companies.

Based over 10 days, it costs £1395 per delegate. Whilst this hefty price might send shivers up your spine, keep in mind just how much of a positive impact it’ll have on your place on work. Delegates develop incredibly in-depth skills, including the ability to draw up entire business-focused health and safety strategies. This investment provides so much more than the ability to identify risks.

IOSH fees secure professional development

Tailored Training Courses

IOSH offers tailored training courses that are developed by industry specialists and licensed training providers. These high-quality courses contain all relevant health and safety material in a chosen area. Here are some examples of the more niche courses:

  • Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing
  • SHE for Construction Workers
  • Fire Safety for Managers

The IOSH fees for these courses range from around £180 to £300, depending on where you go.

These specialised courses give highly specific content that is valuable for the workers in those areas, providing value beyond what they are taught in the more generalised courses. This information is tailored specifically to their role, so this investment is very much worth it.

iosh fees gain access to course content that is tailored specifically

IOSH Fees Are An Investment

At first glance, the IOSH course prices can be a little off-putting. But, when you put it into perspective and think long-term, it is a sound investment.

The short-term IOSH fees are minimal compared to the money lost on sick days, injury compensation, fines for poor practice, and wasted days coordinating ineffective in-house training. IOSH courses neatly bundle everything into one neat package, readying management and workers alike for upholding proper health and safety practices.

Richard has been convinced (much to Greg’s relief). Have you?

If you’re looking to refresh the health and safety knowledge of your workforce, Grow Training are here to help. You can get in touch with us directly or take a look at the courses we offer to see what works best for you.