So, you want to make your workplace safer? But where do you even start? It seems like a mammoth task. Blogs on the Internet don’t make the cut. Non-accredited health and safety courses don’t go into enough detail.

What about IOSH? It’s comprehensive. It’s engaging. It’s industry-leading. It’ll help make your workplace safer.

From IOSH Managing Safely to IOSH Working Safely, there’s so much these courses bring to the table.

We’re big fans of IOSH. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the IOSH benefits, your legal obligations for health and safety training provision, IOSH’s expiration date, and its recognition on an international scale.

iosh benefits

What are some of the IOSH benefits?

Let’s start off with the basics: why should you do an IOSH course? IOSH doesn’t just improve your technical understanding, it gives you practical techniques and tools you can use to improve your company as a whole.

The whole catalogue of IOSH courses have been meticulously designed and developed by IOSH health safety experts to give delegates the highest standard of training. What are some of the specific IOSH benefits?

Let’s talk about Jim. Jim works for an international courier company and he’s concerned about the safety of some of the practices of the staff on the shop floor and on the road. He speaks to his manager who signs the crew up for IOSH Working Safely.

Jim is glad he raised his concerns with his boss. At the end of the day, he’s brimming with confidence, equipped with the know-how to spot and address workplace health and safety hazards and risks.

His boss is happy too. Training up the crew means he doesn’t need to painstakingly put together health and safety powerpoint slides. He can train them up efficiently and effectively through IOSH.

The new knowledge the crew learned means they’ve stopped making silly mistakes that were spiking up the number of sick days and accidents happening on the job. The company is more productive.

The company stakeholders and members of the supply chain are impressed too. Committing to proper health and safety training has made the company look competent and capable. Business is flowing nicely.

IOSH courses are a catch-all solution to adhering to legal health and safety requirements, but becoming IOSH certified achieves so much more than that.

Having an IOSH-trained workforce is beneficial to business in general, boosting the public face of the company and creating a strong internal health and safety culture which can see workplace efficiency skyrocket.

Is an IOSH qualification a legal requirement?

Technically, no. IOSH in itself is not a legal requirement. There are, however, legal requirements that employers must follow that make signing up for an IOSH course a smart move.

Let’s take a trip back to pre-1974. Every single year, over 800 people were killed in industry accidents and there were no proper recording databases to monitor these accidents. Something had to change.

In came the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), a life-saving piece of legislation.

Under the act, employers were legally bound to arm their employees with the right information, instruction, training, and supervision to keep them safe at work.

Once the 1974 Act was in place, politicians introduced an avalanche of new, more specific legislation.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) necessitates that risk assessments are carried out by all workplaces, and the Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations (1996) requires employers to consult with employees on health and safety issues they are facing. It also entitles employees to paid time off work to undertake appropriate training.

So, to return to the original question, IOSH itself is not a legal requirement, but health and safety training is. IOSH courses are carefully crafted by the world’s leading health and safety organisation, so they are moulded to meet all of your health and safety legal obligations.  

iosh benefits

How long is an IOSH qualification valid for?

Great news! Once you earn an IOSH qualification, it never expires!

It’s a great benefit that IOSH qualifications stand indefinitely, meaning employers and employees don’t need to endure that mad panic every two or three years to get everyone booked onto new courses or face the consequences.

Although they don’t expire, that doesn’t mean you should never take another IOSH course again.

If you fancy brushing up on your knowledge, you don’t always need to retake whole courses again. Our IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course is a great example, which you can take within 3 years of completing the original full-length course.

Legislation in the health and safety world isn’t set in stone. If something isn’t working efficiently, it doesn’t need to and won’t stay that way. Did they even have accident books in the 1950s?

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to keep yourself in the loop and attend an IOSH course every few years.

Legislation in the health and safety world isn’t set in stone, and with so many new changes in the world of work to cater to, it’s a good idea to keep yourself informed by attending an IOSH course every few years.

Are IOSH qualifications internationally recognised?

Let’s go back to Jim. Jim’s company operates in loads of different countries, and he’s soon going to transfer from the Glasgow office to the Dubai HQ. In the midst of sorting out his paperwork, he comes across his IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

“I’ve only just completed that course,” he says to himself. “Does this move mean I’ll need to take a new health and safety course?”

Lucky for Jim (and perhaps luckily for you!), IOSH qualifications are recognised all the way across the pond! Investing in an IOSH qualification brings immense benefits to both the company and employee when carrying out business around the globe.

With over 44,000 IOSH qualified individuals in over 100 countries, IOSH is the largest health and safety membership organisation in the world.

They have membership networks in places like the Caribbean, Ireland, Isle of Man, Oman, Qatar, Gibraltar, Singapore, UAE, and the UK, so if your work takes you overseas, your IOSH qualification should be valid in the member countries.

This international recognition is one of the key IOSH benefits. A health and safety course run by your local council or done in-house will not have anywhere near the same status as IOSH does, so it makes good business sense, both time and money-wise, to stick to an IOSH course.

iosh benefits

Sign me up!

Earning an IOSH qualification brings a whole host of benefits to you and your employees for just a little investment of money and time.

Delegates are in the safe hands of highly skilled and qualified professional health and safety trainers (like us!), carrying out a course that has been crafted with great care to meet each and every one of your health and safety requirements.

When you get your hands on your certificate, you can feel proud that you know exactly what the law expects of you, how to pick out dodgy workplace health hazards, and how to build an action plan in a risk assessment.
Are you interested in finding a course near you? Take a look at our course overview page to find the right one for you or your employees. Alternatively, get in touch with us directly to see what we can do for your business!