*Warning Fun to be Had*

safety sign fail

We don’t want to make a joke out of health and safety, and we won’t. Instead we will let other people do it for us. Here’s a few funny sign fails that we guarantee will make you smile.

Wheelchair Accessible?

These stairs are perfect, what an enteranceway? Wait, what about wheelchair users? Ummmm… just stick a sign up, they’ll figure it out.

Wheelchair Fail

Slippery When Wet

Everyone knows it’s harder to catch a wet pedestrian than it is to catch a dry one.

slippery when wet fail

If you see someone drowning.. LOL

No, this sign is NOT telling you to laugh… that is a stick figure drowning.. Stop laughing!

drowning sign fail

The hidden consequences of punching walls

I think we all prefer to punch nice soft walls

safety wall fail

Please, do not eat the display plants

I know the sharp, razor-like, pointy plant looks tasty, but please, try and refrain from eating it.

safety plant fail

Remember to read the instructions first

Sometimes I forget to turn the temperature down from 50 to 40℃, other times I forget to remove my child from the clothes I’m trying to wash

washing safety fail

No Safety, Smoking First

You need to get your priorities right. We will get back to having no safety only after we smoke

smoking safety fail

But it’s yellow and fits on my head?

I hope this isn’t an example of a warning printed because it happens far too often… but I have a feeling it is.

Now what?

What do I do? Where do I go? If only there was another sign telling me what to do…

sign fail

Thanks for clearing that up

Wait? Is rain water?

safety sign fail rain

Just in case you have no sense of immediate danger

Do not go beyond this point? Why?.. Oh. I see.

safety sign fail

Instant Death

Look, I don’t care if he’s dead he owes us $200!

Beware Invisible Cows

Invisible, but solid.. Not a great super power at all.

safety sign fail

No Drowning Allowed

If you access this area you might drown. And if you do, don’t.

safety sign fail

Do Not Breathe Under The Water

Okay, pretty sure I can manage that.


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